Fed Keto

Dietitian-curated meals delivered to you fresh; ready to eat when you are.
Starting at just $11.60 per meal

How it Works

1. choose your stream

2. delivered 2x a week

3. heat & eat

Our Food

Every week our team of dietitians and chefs work closely to develop meals for our specific streams that combine all the necessary micro and macronutrients needed to meet each diet's specs. We track over 30+ nutrients from protein to zinc in our meals, giving you all the important components of a healthy diet.

Using high quality ingredients, we always have something new and exciting every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner thanks to our no-repeat-meal commitment.

Our Streams

Choose as many meals as you'd like, starting at just $11.99/meal

Types of meals we offer

Our meal options are breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Tell us your dietary restriction during the registration process and we will ensure to adjust meals accordingly.

Customizing your weekly meals

Once you select your stream, you can set your own meal schedule. If you don't like what's on the menu that day, you can select from our snacks and extras.

Choosing your stream

We offer meals for different diet types, such as low carb, plant-based, and keto. Select the steam that fits your lifestyle.

Plan pricing

The more meals you purchase, the more you save on each meal. See our plan pricing here.


Fresh ready-to-eat food will arrive to your door twice a week, with no hassle.


For residential deliveries, you’ll receive a text that your delivery is on the way. You can meet your driver at your door or we can leave it on your doorstep. All bags are packed with ice packs so your meals stay super fresh.


Home delivery take place every Sunday and Wednesday between 5pm-10pm, we deliver the next 3 days' meals straight from our kitchen to you. For office deliveries, our delivery window will depend on office hours and access.


We deliver throughout the Lower Mainland—see our delivery zone below. If you are outside of our delivery area and you are interested in getting Fed, please contact us and we’ll contact you once we expand to your area.


While we have to charge fees for deliveries based on location, we do offer free deliveries when ordering 10+ meals per week. See delivery prices here.

Delivery Zone

Delivery Costs

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